When you think of Italy, breathtaking landscapes, a rich cultural history and, of course, an unrivaled culinary tradition often come to mind. Among the many Italian gastronomic treasures, Italian drinks occupy a special place. Whether it’s an espresso coffee in the morning, a fine wine at dinner, or a sparkling drink during a walk, Italian drinks are synonymous with quality and taste.

Traditional Italian drinks


Wine is probably the most famous Italian drink in the world. Each region has its specialties, from the full-bodied reds of Piedmont to the fresh whites of Friuli. Wines such as Barolo, Chianti and Prosecco are appreciated all over the world. Savoring a glass of Italian wine means immersing yourself in centuries of winemaking tradition.


Coffee is another iconic drink. Italians take their coffee very seriously, and espresso is a true institution. To be enjoyed at the bar, standing at the counter, or at home with a moka, Italian coffee is strong, aromatic and an integral part of many people’s days.


Among carbonated drinks, chinotto is a true Italian jewel. This drink, obtained from the chinotto fruit, has a unique flavor that distinguishes it from other drinks. Drinks like Crodino and Cedrata are equally popular for their distinctive and refreshing flavors.

Artisanal Non-Alcoholic Drinks

Italy is also famous for its artisanal soft drinks. Many small producers create drinks using natural ingredients and traditional methods. These drinks are not only delicious, but also represent the essence of local culture. Drinks like Limoncello, a lemon-based liqueur, are perfect for those looking for something sweet and refreshing.

Italian drinks and food pairings

Italian drinks are perfect to accompany meals. A good red wine goes beautifully with a plate of pasta with ragù, while a sparkling white wine is ideal with fish dishes. Drinks such as chinotto or cedrata are excellent for an aperitif, perhaps accompanied by some appetizers.

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