The Series that Captured Italy

From April 8th to May 14th, the TV series Il Clandestino” broadcast on Rai 1 captured the attention of millions of viewers. This gripping series not only entertained the audience with its engaging plot but also highlighted one of the most beloved products of our Italian heritage: Chinottissimo.

Chinottissimo in Every Scene

One of the most interesting features of “Il Clandestino” was the constant presence of Chinottissimo products. In many scenes, the characters relax or share significant moments while sipping a bottle of Chinottissimo. This choice is not only a tribute to Italian tradition but also underscores the authenticity and unique flavor that our chinotto brings to every sip.

Why Chinottissimo is the Favorite in TV Series

Chinottissimo is not just a beverage, it is a symbol of quality and tradition. Its presence in the series “Il Clandestino” emphasizes how Chinottissimo is integrated into modern Italian culture. This brand placement is not accidental; it is the result of years of dedication to quality and the authentic taste that only true Italian chinotto can offer.

Bring Home the Magic of “Il Clandestino”

If you too were fascinated by the series and want to relive the atmosphere of “Il Clandestino” at home, Chinottissimo is the perfect choice. Not only will you enjoy a drink rich in history and flavor, but you will also feel part of the world you saw on screen.

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