The most anticipated culinary event of the year, the Cibus Fair, and this year promises to delight visitors with a wide range of tasty experiences. Among the stars of the gastronomic panorama that shine in Pavilion 07-08, there is a name that cannot go unnoticed: ChinottIssimo.

With its stand D-006, ChinottIssimo is preparing to amaze those present with its irresistible artisan drinks. This Italian brand embodies excellence and tradition in the world of drinks, and its participation in the Cibus Fair is an event not to be missed for lovers of authentic taste.

ChinottIssimo: Tradition in a Bottle

Founded on the heritage of chinotto, a bitter citrus fruit typical of the Ligurian Riviera, ChinottIssimo offers a range of drinks that capture the authentic essence of this unique fruit. His recipes, passed down for generations, combine artisanal skill with top quality ingredients, to create drinks that delight the palate and evoke memories of times gone by.

Extraordinary Sensory Experience

At stand D-006, visitors will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in an extraordinary sensorial experience. They will be able to taste the different variations of ChinottIssimo, discovering the perfect balance between sweet and bitter that characterizes every sip. From the classic chinotto versions, to the bolder and more innovative variations, each drink brings with it a unique story and an unforgettable taste.

Meet the ChinottIssimo Experts

During the Cibus Fair, ChinottIssimo experts will be present to share their passion for artisanal drinks and to guide visitors on a journey through the authentic flavors of Italy. You will be able to discover the secrets of artisanal production, the methods of cultivation of the ingredients and the stories behind each bottle.

ChinottIssimo: Innovation and Tradition

If you are looking for a drink that combines innovation with tradition, ChinottIssimo is the perfect choice. With natural ingredients and meticulous attention to detail, these drinks are a tribute to Italy’s gastronomic heritage and an experience to be enjoyed at all times.

Do not lose the opportunity

The Cibus 2024 Fair is an unmissable event for gastronomy enthusiasts and those who wish to discover the latest trends in the world of food and drink. Be sure to visit stand D-006 in Pavilion 07-08 to live a unique experience with ChinottIssimo and to be won over by its irresistible flavours.


ChinottIssimo represents the perfect combination of tradition and innovation in the world of Italian artisan drinks. With its participation in the Cibus 2024 Fair, it offers visitors the opportunity to discover the true taste of Italy through its delicious drinks. Don’t miss the opportunity to live a sensorial experience