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the first
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the chinotto

original formula

ChinottISSIMO comes from the original recipe of the first chinotto produced and marketed in Italy with enormous success by Pietro Neri until the late 60s. Although the company, plant and brand were subsequently sold, the original recipe of the products still remains a closely guarded family secret.
In line with the idea and action taken by Pietro many years before, his grandson Simone Neri decided to resume the tradition and dedicate himself to the creation of a renewed product.
Today the ChinottISSIMO is made exactly as it once was: a true infusion of quinotto, but with innovative elements added to the classic recipe. Simon, in fact, under the supervision of his grandfather Pietro, experimented and added to his "famous and centuries-old recipe" 53 medicinal extracts to create ChinottISSIMO, the absolute superlative of drinks.


soft drinks

The unmistakable soft drinks that have always accompanied us: Gassosissima, Arancissima, Limonissima and Spumissima, the most popular Italian drink.
And finally His Majesty Chinottissimo, it comes from a formula jealously guarded in the family consisting of 53 aromatic herbs, able to enhance the flavors of the fruit of chinotto and to give fragrances and retro taste.

chinottissimo | Gassosissima | Arancissima | Limonissima | Spumissima | chinottissimo | Gassosissima | Arancissima | Limonissima | Spumissima


Particular pleasures are also the rarest, because they are inspired by the magical fusion of aromas and sensations.
Neri bitters and liqueurs start from decades of history and secret recipes capable of enhancing the power of flavours.

Amaro Neri al Chinotto | Amaro Neri al Chinotto e menta selvatica | Amaro Neri al Chinotto fortemente amaro | Dry Gin Neri | Genziana Neri | Genziana Neri non filtrata | Ratafia di Amarene Neri

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