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Originally from Ischia di Castro (VT), in 1949 the just thirty-year-old Pietro Neri founded the Neri company, dedicated to the production of a drink that would become famous in a short time, thanks to its freshness and its original flavour, the result of a secret recipe which still remains so today, and which is jealously guarded by the heirs.
In the factory in via del Mandrione, while his father was producing ice, the idea of ​​producing a new palatable drink took root in Pietro Neri’s mind. But what to do given the lack of sugar? The extreme sweetness of the saccharin, used to replace it, made the drinks undrinkable. The future founder of Neri found the perfect solution: a mixture of bitter citrus fruits and other herbs such as cherry, acerola, chamomile, verbena, angelica and birch.

Roma 1949

Thus was born Chinotto, which was launched under the name Chin8 Neri, initially distributed in a simple glass bottle, without a label, but with the company brand in relief.
Neri was also good at relying on the new means that technological development made available for advertising.

Today and Tomorrow

In line with the idea and action undertaken by Pietro many years before, his nephew Simone Neri decided to resume tradition and dedicate himself to the creation of a renewed product.
Simone Neri was honored with the title of Knight of Commerce by the Municipality of Rome, a recognition obtained thanks to his reworking of the historical recipe of Chinottissimo. This initiative not only generated new jobs but also played a fundamental role in the country’s economic recovery in the post-war period.

Today ChinottISSIMO is made exactly as it once was: a real chinotto infusion, but with innovative elements added to the classic recipe. Simone, in fact, under the supervision of his grandfather Pietro, experimented and added 53 medicinal extracts to his “famous and centuries-old recipe” to create ChinottISSIMO, the absolute superlative of drinks.

“Consumers are fundamental to us and it is our desire to establish an ethical relationship with them.

The values ​​we express today are highly sought after and include quality, tradition, particularity and connection with the territory.” says Simone Neri


After a technical analysis and a taste test carried out by ARM – Azienda Romana Mercati, as part of the LazioDeli2 project, ChinottISSIMO obtained one of the best scores for taste and innovation, guarantee of quality and excellence.

ChinottISSIMO was chosen by the Lazio Region as an excellent local product, and was successfully presented at Expo 2015.

We have been chosen by the main European and North American beverage importers.

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