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Welcome to the world of soft drinks that have accompanied generations of Italians: Gassosissima, Arancissima, Limonissima and Spumissima, true icons of taverns across the country. But the true queen of them all is undoubtedly Chinottissimo. It is born from a secret formula jealously guarded in the family, a magical blend of 53 herbal extracts that enhance the unique flavors of the chinotto fruit. With Chinottissimo we are not just talking about a drink, but a journey back in time, a return to the authentic taste and retro charm that only such a unique product can offer. Those who have never tried Chinottissimo do not truly know the taste of Italy. Discover today the best-kept secret of our traditions, and be enveloped by the fragrances and flavors that only Chinottissimo can offer. One sip is all it takes to feel Italy inside you.


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Every drop of these bitters is a plunge into the past, a journey into the authentic flavors that made these drinks true legends. The jealously guarded recipes transport us to distant worlds where the art of blending is an art form. Neri liqueurs are much more than a drink; they are a sensory experience that engages all the senses. One sip is enough to feel the depth of decades of refinement, of secrets passed down from generation to generation. Discover the unique pleasure of Neri’s bitters and liqueurs, and be enveloped in the magic of authentic flavors. Each sip is a journey through time, a moment to savor slowly, revealing layers of flavor and history. Indulge in the luxury of rare and authentic pleasure with Neri bitters and liqueurs.





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