The club

of the Neri Knights

Who needs ambassadors when you have some Knights, witnesses of the Legend?

The story of the Neri family and Chinotto is a story of people and challenges.
Pietro Neri created the first Chinotto in 49, soon becoming an icon of good Italian taste and the dolce vita of the '50s.
Simone Neri collects the legacy of the family, ready to carry on the story and make it known to introduce it to the world.
But to revive a legend you need Knights..

Our Knights are barmen and bartenders, crazy enough to collect in their hands a taste legacy, brave enough to become part of the legend, dreamers enough to create new drinks.
Their signature cocktails and personal drinks, after careful selection, become part of the Official Neri Family Drink List. The Nei Family Drink List is our way to give our Knights the chance to become part of the Legend of Chinotto.

hus was born the Club of the Neri Knights.

Francesco “Zaba” Zabarino

“El Hechicero”

The real gentleman behind the bar. 
Ice look and delicate soul, manages to fill the tumbler with dreams and magic.
There’s a reason he’s called  the wizard, “El hechicero”.
Marilyn, the Cardinal, Berry, any of his creations can make us live an adventure.

Our "Hechicero" is a master of pairing, he is the first who has conquered us with his witchcraft based on jams, flowers, oysters and coffee.


Mysterious and complex is the ideal cocktail for those who love to lose themselves in search of taste.
Coffee blends with the black cherries of Ratafia Neri, accompanied by the notes of smoked ice.

Do not drink to dreamers and sailors, there is a risk of losing the route to reality


  • Pitchers Campari in coffee (3cl)
  • Combine 3cl Ratafia di amarene
  • Smoking of ice
  • Pour campari with sour cherries together
  • Top Prosecco and Soda


The legend indicates it as elixir of long life, other texts indicate it as the door of the dream.
Some, after trying it, swore that they were kissing a mermaid.
Not for nothing is one of our sorcerer’s creations


  • 2 bar spoon blackberry jam

  • 3cl Amaro Neri

  • 3cl orange juice

  • 2cl Cannonau or full-bodied red wine

Marilyn Monroe

How can you not think about her when you taste for the first time this silky, seductive, sweet and bitter elixir?
We could think of a thousand other women and instead no,

Marilyn Monroe, the blond dream, the memory that witch, the thirst that does not pass, the scent that remains.


  • 3 cl lemon juice

  • 1cl ginger decoction

  • 2cl honey mix

  • 3cl Gin Neri

  • 2cl Amaro Neri Genziana

  • Albumin and Angostura